I have always been a collector, gathering everything from little papers to metal stars and colored soil. I like language, symbols, and lists of anything. I’m attracted to multiples, so I tend to make my paintings in series. Working usually on wood or India paper, I begin each piece with layers of collage. I then draw everything together with charcoal and gesso, seal the surface and add thin layers of oil paint.

My most recent body of work, The Targetgirls: A Series / A Tribe, explores the paradox of the target. Originating with vintage shooting target posters, the girls are built up in stages, the lines becoming their features, the numbers their adornments. Some more obvious than others, they are studies of cultural figures that that I feel both intrigue and confront us. I am interested in offering an alternate view of our public icons- emphasizing a more personal element of individual strength and blurring the lines between personal, political and collective histories.

-Somer Harrold